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A young girl dreams of having her own Patapi mascot (similar to a Tamagotchi), that can be customized with parts.
Cyber Team in Akihabara deals with a girl that wants some kind of pet, and when she finally gets it, the doll/animal turns her into a full grown warrior. I only watched it on Mexico&#39;s cable like in the summer of 2004 and can&#39;t remember the plot. This cartoon from Japan is not recommended for kids under 10, but in Mexico, a whole lot of uncut anime was aired in basic cable (channel 5). If you liked this cartoon, you should also watch Ranma 1/2, Dragonball, If I See You In My Dreams and Sailor Moon. My final review for this anime is ** out of 4. You can also check eBay for the DVDs.<br/><br/>*=Poor **=Fair ***=Good ****=Great
Cyberteam in Akihabara follows the escapades of a young schoolgirl named Hibari who gets a cute yellow robotic pet named Densuke. One day while walking home from school, she is attacked by an evil woman who tries to steal her prized cybernetic pet, but fortunately the little guy transforms into what looks like an adult version of Hibari and fights off the villainess. The later episodes introduces four other girls who also have transforming pet robots who also transform into adult dopplerganger versions of their owners; Suzumie, Hibari&#39;s friend since birth who is probably the most annoying anime character in the history of anime (even more annoying than Naruto if that&#39;s even possible). The second girl is Tsagumi (If even said her name right) is an aggressive short-tempered girl who resembles Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon, the third is a blonde chick named Kokume (again if I even said her name right) and trust me she sounds just like a cross between a female version of Bobby Hill from King of the Hill and Daisy Dukes from the 1980s series The Dukes of Hazzard. Anyways, I haven&#39;t watched far enough to see the show introduce the fourth girl who is a pink- haired chick with a purple cyber pet. I&#39;ve only seen about 7 or 8 out of the 26 episodes on YouTube. Anyways, this is a pretty fair anime that will entertain you for awhile but it&#39;s not to be compared to other anime series like Sailor Moon or even Pokemon (Will maybe Pokemon). I think one of the flaws with this anime was more of random stuff like PG-13 rated themes and some weird surreal moments but from what I&#39;ve seen from other reviews, the show didn&#39;t get too bad of reviews, maybe some 6s and 7s. My final score is a 6.5/10. Watch it on YouTube or rent it on Netflix if you can but I&#39;m not sure if you should have this anime in your collection unless you really love anime series that have a cuteness factor to them. Your results may vary!

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